"She's tactically brilliant." 

Rhiannon Jones QC

Call: 1993 | Silk: 2015

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Chambers & Partners 2018 (PI)

Appears for both claimants and defendants in serious injury and chronic pain cases. She has recently dealt with catastrophic injuries resulting from traffic accidents and represented insurers in complex workplace accident claims. She also runs a busy claimant-side clinical negligence practice.



Personal injury for both Claimants and Defendants
Clinical negligence for Claimants
Professional negligence relating to personal
Injury/clinical negligence cases
Professional Discipline
Criminal Injuries



Clinical Negligence

Rhiannon is instructed to advise and represent patients and their families in clinical negligence cases. Her caseload covers a wide spectrum of medical accidents, including birth trauma, delayed diagnosis, failure to diagnose cardiac conditions and failure to act upon information that previous anaesthetic had caused serious neurological complications.


Recent cases include:

P v N (ongoing)


Representing the Claimant in a claim for clinical negligence arising from paraplegia which developed following scoliosis surgery.


P v M (ongoing)


Representing the Claimant in a fatal accidents claim arising from alleged clinical negligence relating to cardiac treatment and surgery. 

Personal Injury

Rhiannon appeared as junior counsel in Biesheuvel v Birrell (1999) PIQR Q40 and this was followed by instructions in high value spinal and brain injury cases, notably Owen v Brown [2002] EWHC 1135 (QB) and Parry v Humbert (2005). She has continued to specialise in the whole spectrum of catastrophic injury claims since then. She also has experience of chronic pain cases.


Recent cases include:


H v United Lincolnshire NHS Trust (ongoing): Representing the Claimant on the assessment of quantum in cerebral palsy case.


C v W (ongoing)

Representing the Defendant on the quantification of the Claimant's claim for damages for paraplegia.


I v I and Tesco Underwriting Limited (ongoing)


Representing the Claimant on the quantification of her claim for damages for catastrophic brain injury and related conversion disorder.


E v S and LV Insurance Co (ongoing)


Representing the Defendant in a claim where very unusually, it is contended that the Claimant's decision to undergo amputation following leg injuries was unreasonable.


S v G (September 2016)
Representing a Claimant who suffered very serious leg injuries following a cycling accident which failed to heal over a period of 5 years and where there was an ongoing risk of amputation. Case compromised at JSM.


L v M (QBD, Manchester District Registry, compromise approved by Fraser J, April 2016) Representing the Defendants dealing with quantum in a serious brain injury case where there were complex causation issues due to a pre-existing drink problem which also affected life expectancy.


W v B,C and B (QBD, Manchester District Registry) Representing the interests of all three Defendants dealing with quantum of the Claimant’s claim for catastrophic brain and orthopaedic injuries.


Hanssen v Farrant Parker and Anitox Limited (QBD, ongoing) Representing the Claimant who was rendered tetraplegic following a road traffic accident when he was 7 years old. Interlocutory disputes as to how the Claimant’s needs are met until final prognosis can be established and the case resolved.


BBB and CCC v Reading Borough Council and Wokingham Borough Council (Compromise approved by Master Leslie, November 2015) Represented the adult Claimants who were sexually abused when in foster care as young children and who suffered long term psychiatric damage. Complex issues of liability, causation and quantum. The compromises approved are amongst the highest awards for these types of case. Included consideration of issues arising in Woodland v Essex County Council [2013] UKSC 66 and NA v Nottinghamshire County Council [2015] EWCA Civ 1139


Re JX MX (a Protected Party by her Litigation Friend LX MX) (Liability compromise approved by Sharp J, QBD, November 2012, quantum compromise approved by HHJ Gore QC, July 2015) Represented the Claimant who suffered a head injury of the utmost severity which left her quadriplegic and "locked-in" after being struck by a car when crossing the road whilst possibly using her mobile phone. Lump sum award of £4.35M with PPOs for care and case management.


Gibson v Northumbria Police (June 2015) Represented the Claimant in respect of the fatal accident claim arising from the death of her husband, a pedestrian who was struck by a police car travelling in excess of the speed limit in response to a 999 call. Had previously represented the family of the deceased at the Inquest.


S v I M K Hill (June 2015) Represented the Claimant who suffered bilateral foot injuries causing permanent mobility issues when he was run over by a 4x4. Heavily contested interim payment applications and dispute over suitable alternative vehicle to accommodate the Claimant’s ongoing difficulties. Case compromised at JSM for a 7 figure sum.


Harris v UK Power Networks (Operations) Ltd (June 2015) Represented the Claimant motorcyclist who suffered a head injury permanently affecting work capacity in a road traffic accident.


SH v Tube Plastics December 2014 Represented the Claimant, who suffers from cerebral palsy and suffered orthopaedic and psychological injuries when he fell from a defective swing. Issues included additional care needs and causation. Compromise reached at JSM approved by the Court.


Meehan v Manley November 2014 Represented the Defendants in respect of the claim by a junior doctor who suffered a head injury in a road traffic accident which permanently compromised her career progression. Case settled at a JSM.


Emirdane v ETTI Limited t/a K&S Packaging (QBD, Jeremy Baker J, October 2014) Represented the Claimant who suffered a severe brain injury following a workplace accident. Issues over care regime. Compromise exceeding £1M approved by the Court.


Paterson v RMPA Services Ltd September 2014 Represented the Claimant, who suffered serious leg injuries when serving in the Pathfinder regiment in Afghanistan and then sustained further injuries following an accident whilst rehabilitating. Complex causation issues. Case compromised.


Inquest touching the death of VG deceased (Coroner Terence Carney, Newcastle February 2014) Represented the family of a pedestrian who died when struck by a police car travelling in excess of the speed limit attending an emergency response. Issues regarding verdict and the engagement of Article 2 of the ECHR.


Gumb v Simpson (QBD, Holroyd J, November 2013) Represented the Defendant in a claim by an elderly lady who suffered a catastrophic head injury in a road traffic accident. Issues over appropriate “top up” care regime and source of payment of care home fees. Compromise approved by the Court.


Szura v Dixey (QBD, HHJ Forster QC sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge, November 2013) Represented the Defendant at trial over 5 days in a claim where subtle brain injury alleged. Complex disputed medical evidence and issues over future earning capacity.


Craig Streeter v Darren Hughes and MIB (Trial of liability and quantum before Jeremy Baker J, QBD, May – June 2013) Represented the Claimant who suffered from tetraplegia, in a trial of liability and quantum arising from a road traffic accident involving a collision between the Claimant riding a bicycle and the First Defendant’s car. Complex accident reconstruction and causation issues and detailed preparation of quantum issues required. Led by John Leighton Williams QC.


G v Lane (JSM March 2013) Represented the Defendant at a settlement meeting in respect of a claim for incomplete tetraplegia in a middle aged woman.


CL v Kennedy and EUI Limited (Compromise approved by Cox J, QBD, October 2012) Represented the Claimant in her claim arising from catastrophic head injuries causing quadriplegia following road traffic accident. Complex issues of causation, volenti and contributory negligence. Liability compromise approved by the High Court in March 2011. A multi-million pound settlement incorporated within a PPO with reverse indemnity was approved. Settlement is subject of an Anonymity Order. Led by Robert Glancy QC.


Re HV v MW (Compromise approved by HHJ Stewart QC, Manchester District Registry, May 2012) Represented the Claimant in a high value claim under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 in respect of the death of her husband following the negligent failure to diagnose a heart condition. Liability and causation compromised and approved in September 2010. Complex quantum issues arising from the calculation of loss of dependency of a young farmer involving extensive forensic accountancy evidence. Probate issues and related Inheritance Act provision claim. Led by David Heaton QC.


Brennan v Doubleday (January 2012) Represented the Defendant in a successful application before Master Leslie at a late stage of proceedings to substitute a care expert who had provided an unsatisfactory analysis of the care needs of the Claimant in a high value amputation case.


Dr Zoe Vlamaki v (1) Metroline London Northern Limited (2) Ensign Motor Policies at Lloyd's (March 2011-May 2012) HHJ Robinson Represented the Defendants at an assessment of damages in which the Claimant sought damages for injuries including a fractured clavicle, ribs, PTSD and temporomandibular joint dysfunction following a road traffic accident which she contended had had a seriously adverse effect on the progression of her career as a Surgeon. She sought damages of just less than £1.5M which was reduced to around £750,000 on the morning of the trial. After a 6 day hearing, she was awarded damages of £39,000 and was ordered to pay the Defendants' costs from an early stage of the claim. Appeal compromised.


Re SM (Compromise approved by Royce J, QBD, October 2011) Represented the Claimant who suffered a catastrophic brain injury and serious multiple orthopaedic injuries, most notably to both lower legs which was likely to result in bilateral amputation. The compromise approved by the Court included lump sum damages of £2,000,000 and a deferred stepped PPO for care and case management commencing at the age of 45 and increasing at 55 and 65 by which time the annual sum would be £150,000. Led by Jonathan Watt-Pringle QC.


Bowen, Farley, Farthing, Mullinger v The National Trust [2011] EWHC 1992 QB MacKay J (July 2011). Along with Jonathan Watt Pringle QC, represented the Claimants in claims arising out of the fatal failure of an ancient beech tree on a National Trust property.


Re JC (Compromise approved by Coulson J in Newcastle District Registry, May 2011) Represented the child who suffered a serious head injury when his bike ran onto a dual carriageway where he was struck by an oncoming vehicle whose view of him had been obscured by overgrown foliage on the central reservation. Claim against Highway Authority compromised and approved by Mr Justice Coulson for a 7 figure sum. Led by Jonathan Watt-Pringle QC.


Re L (CICA March 2011) Appeared alone, representing a young woman who sustained physical abuse as a baby leading to hemiplegia and blindness. An award of £4.985 million was made under the 1990 Scheme.

Professional Liability

Rhiannon’s professional negligence practice relates exclusively to actions against legal advisers arising from their conduct of personal injury and clinical negligence cases. 

Directory Comments

Appears for both claimants and defendants in serious injury and chronic pain cases. She has recently dealt with catastrophic injuries resulting from traffic accidents and represented insurers in complex workplace accident claims. She also runs a busy claimant-side clinical negligence practice.

Strengths: "She's amazing. She goes through everything meticulously and is always on the money in her assessments of what can be achieved." "Outstanding both on paperwork and on her feet. She has superb judgement and an eye for detail."

Chambers and Partners 2018


Appears for both claimants and defendants in catastrophic injury and chronic pain cases, and increasingly for claimants in historic sexual abuse cases. She has an active inquests practice and her instructing solicitors praise her handling of difficult clients and meticulous case preparation.

Strengths: "She's tactically brilliant." "She is very incisive and good at getting to grips with the particulars of a case with a heavy volume of paperwork." "She's absolutely fantastic, full of empathy for the clients and always puts them first."

Recent work: Appeared for the family of a pedestrian killed by a speeding police car responding to a 999 call in Gibson v Northumbria Police.

Chambers & Partners 2017 (PI)


She acts for both Claimants and Defendants and is acknowledged by her peers for her expertise in representing insurers.” “She works extremely hard on her cases and gives her all to her clients.” “She puts up a good fight and fully understands what the insurers are expecting and needing.

Listed as a Leading Practitioner in Personal Injury in both the Chambers Guide to the Bar and the Legal 500. Chambers 2016


She has the ability to get to the heart of the matter and give pragmatic advice.” “She is tactically very, very good, gets on well with clients and puts time and effort into the preparation of her cases.
Chambers 2015


She richly deserved her silk appointment
Legal 500 2015


Acting on a broad range of high value personal injury work, handling issues involving fatalities, amputations and severe psychiatric injuries. She has particular experience in catastrophic brain and neurological injury claims. Acts for Claimants and Defendants and is adept in dealing with issues of quantum and liability
Chambers 2014


A calm, efficient barrister, who gets to the heart of a claim quickly."
Legal 500 2014


She impresses with her resourcefulness, pragmatism and respect for clients"
Chambers 2013


Committed to her clients"
Legal 500 2012