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Lauren Sutherland QC (Scot) Chairs a one day Conference on Accommodation: so much more than a Roof Over Your Head!

9th March 2022

Lauren Sutherland chairs a one-day conference to be held on 16 March 2022 at the Studio in Birmingham. The event will explore what ‘suitable accommodation‘ means for our clients and how we achieve the best outcome for meeting their injury related needs, and creating a living environment that is safe, inclusive and enables maximum functional independence and quality of life. The presentations will address legal aspects including the impact of Swift vs Carpenter and funding; to rent or purchase, adaptations and equipment, facilities for carers, planning for future housing as the client’s situation evolves, and purpose-designed special needs technology to interact and control the home environment. A well-designed home environment is a tool for independence and opportunity for our clients………….it is more than just a roof over your head!


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Accommodation: so much more than a Roof Over Your Head! - BABICM

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