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James Rowley QC & David Heaton QC - Provisional Damages Meet Dementia

18th November 2020

James Rowley QC and David Heaton QC provide a well attended lecture on Provsional Damages Meet Dementia 


Traumatic brain injury [TBI] is common; so is dementia in older age.  Two issues arise that are said to perplex many. [1] Is there a causative link between the two?  [2] Is dementia is a proper return condition for an award of provisional damages following TBI?  In this paper, written originally for the cancelled PIBA Annual Conference 2020, James Rowley QC will first review the statutory basis for provisional damages and the sparse case law; David Heaton QC will then introduce recent meta analyses and medical overview literature concerning the risk factors for dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease [AD]; between them, they conclude that the current evidence makes the risk of dementia or AD following TBI generally unsuitable as return conditions for provisional damages.



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