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Client Care Policy


Byrom Street Chambers is a forward thinking set of Chambers with traditional values, exclusively dedicated to the work of Leading and Senior Junior Counsel with extensive expertise in high value and complex cases. Chambers provides a highly individual and personalised service with an emphasis on clients’ needs. Our philosophy of client care is caring about the case and taking care of the client. 

Clients will always be advised prior to or at the time of accepting a brief of the basis of our charges / fees.

The client will be advised promptly at the outcome of court appearances and of the next stage in the case.

A conflict of interest check will be carried out by the Clerks Room upon receipt of a Brief / Instructions, and if necessary, alternative arrangements made, including the transfer of the brief / Instructions to another Chambers.

If a brief needs to be reallocated due to factors beyond Chambers’ control, then the professional client will be advised by telephone at the earliest opportunity and the brief reallocated to a barrister of equal standing and experience, only with the prior agreement of the professional client.

Standard matter fee invoices will be issued promptly at the end of a case or agreed stage within a case.  This will usually be within 5 working days.

Papers will be returned to the professional client after the completion of a case, and usually within 10 working days.

An estimate of costs will be given for privately funded work when requested.

Written work will be returned within 28 days, unless a later date is agreed with the client.  If an extension to this time is required, the client will be advised by telephone by the barrister or his/her clerk and a new date agreed. Papers can be returned more urgently on request.




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